making a difference SINCE 2009



Giver Game was created in October 2009 by the executive team at ChoiceCenter Leadership University. ChoiceCenter, headquartered in
Las Vegas, is a leader in the field of personal development and leadership training designed for high-performers who want to take their lives to the next level of success. Courses focus on elevating Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the single biggest factor in determining success in life.

Workshops are designed to maximize the relationship and communication skills of individuals to increase their ability to declare and deliver outrageous results. Graduates have an average 95% success rate of hitting their goals in areas such as relationship, career, family, financial abundance, and personal performance.

Graduates deliver results that include launching new businesses, healing family relationships after many years of discord, losing weight and committing to healthy living, writing books and screenplays, realizing leadership potential, increasing sales, deepening romantic connections and intimacy, and enhancing self-confidence.

ChoiceCenter also offers executive personal coaching, custom business training, executive leadership team building, and domain-specific workshops in the areas of family, teen, relationship, and men’s and women’s development. There are also advanced workshops in life mastery and eastern leadership philosophy.

ChoiceCenter graduates and clients include pro athletes, business executives, attorneys, entrepreneurs, artists, professional moms, students, retirees, educators from kindergarten teachers to university professors, sports teams and pro poker players, and anyone committed to taking the next step in personal and professional performance.


ChoiceCenter has a rich history of serving the community and teaching graduates that life’s significance lives in giving to others. We weren’t born to work 60+ hours a week and run companies – although its fabulous when we find work we love – we were put on this planet to make a difference for each other, to love and be loved.

In ChoiceCenter’s 100-day Leadership Legacy program, students complete a team project that involves a short time parameter and a large goal. These projects are outrageously successful  – typically at least a quarter of a million dollars is raised in 7 to 10 days by teams of 40 to 50 people.

With students enjoying the satisfaction and success that comes from their team Giver Game legacy project, they requested ideas for how to integrate giving into their every day lives – and thus the Giver Game was born.

Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu'sLV127 Leadership Team raised more than $250,000 for kids with cancer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital during a 7-day Giver Game stretch.