making a difference SINCE 2009



for the 1st Week of AUGUST
Here are your 5 Giver Game Stretch Challenges for the week. Complete at least 2 and put a ripple of Giving out in the world!

Stretch #1: Purchase a $5 gift card from a fast food restaurant and deliver it to someone on the streets. Hand them a bottle of water with the gift card and learn the person's name.

Stretch #2: Never underestimate the power of sharing a sunset or sunrise with someone you love. It's the perfect conversation starter and a great way to connect. Invite someone you haven't connected with in a while to join you and savor the moment together.

Stretch #3: Bring to mind a family member who you're estranged from, have a conflict with, are resistant to, or simply don't spend much time with. Connect with that person today and open your heart to them. Pick the family member that makes your palms sweat to reach out to. Take 100% responsibility for whatever has come between you, and be the catalyst for repairing that relationship today ... no matter what it takes. 

Stretch #4: Go visit a stranger in the hospital. So many people get sick and are admitted to the hospital and no one comes to visit them. Go to the admin desk and inquire who needs some cheer, then go deliver it!

Stretch #5: A big part of being a giver is contributing to extending our earth's resources. This week, change the filters in your home and go visit a friend, neighbor or family member and change their filters, as well. Perhaps you'll choose someone older who may not be able to get up and down ladders or to the store to purchase filters regularly.Give your genius away and pay forward a skill that you have. Maybe you'll teach a child how to make your favorite cookie recipe, or your parents how to build a Facebook page. Maybe you play an instrument or know how to do home repair or have mastered your golf swing – pick one of your many talents and pass it along to another today.