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for the week of july 14. 2014
Here are your 5 Giver Game Stretch Challenges for the week. Complete at least 2 and put a ripple of Giving out in the world!

Stretch #1: Start a chain reaction! As you're out at a coffee house or restaurant, purchase an item for the person behind you or at the table next to you. Watch as many will pay-it-forward!

Stretch #2: Grab a pop-top canned good (like tuna) and a plastic fork and give it away to someone on the streets. Pop-top spaghetti or raviolis can work, too, as convenience stores will often allow the homeless to use their microwave, and are also safe to eat cold.

Stretch #3: Pick out of one your favorite books and read it to a child, or drive to a hospital or senior center and spend 20 minutes reading to someone whose sight is limited. 

Stretch #4: In honor of this being Clean Air Month, pick one day this week and carpool to work, take public transportation, or ride or walk. If you've never experienced these things, you may find you enjoy contributing to the health of the planet!
Stretch #5: Pick out at least 4 items of clothing that you could repurpose for someone else and donate them to a Goodwill or similar drop off location. if you have larger items like TVs, refrigerators, washers and dryers, etc, call a local Goodwill store and arrange for a pick up.


for the MONTH of july 2014
1st Week of July

During a 4-hour Giver Game, students at ChoiceCenter collected more than 27,000 relief items for Haiti.